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An Organisation Destined to FIght the Crimes of Poor User Experience and Design
Read on to find out!
Vital Stats

Strengths: Web Development, Database Management, Server Administration, Problem Solving

Dislikes: Windows OS, Poorly indented code

Interests: Cricket, Blogging, Music Theory

In the summer of 2017, the two of them joined forces...
Vital Stats

Strengths: Web Development, Photoshop, ReactJS, Creativity

Dislikes: Slow Loading Webpages, Too many JS libraries

Interests: Football, Arsenal, Blogging, Ukulele

...And started a venture by using their skills to offer services such as...

Web Applications

  • Ideal for large scale applications with complex business logic
  • Custom design and development from scratch
  • Back-end built with API first architecture so applications can be developed on any platform
  • Front-end built using MVC architecture
  • Single Page Applications powered completely by AJAX can be built
  • All parts of the stack upto Server Administration can be taken care off
A wise old man once said...


  • Ideal for small scale businesses and marketing campaigns
  • Tons of themes and plugins to choose from
  • Powers over 20% of sites out there
  • Easier maintainance for you
  • Time and budget friendly
  • SEO friendly out of the box and can be improved
  • Customizable to your exact look and feel
..."With great power comes great responsibility". Find out how they do it...

Our Creative Process


- Understand Your Requirements
- Understand Your Domain
- Identify the target/audience

- Come up with a plan of action
- Define the app architecture
- Agreement of terms and deadlines


- Come up with the basic layout
- Mockup on Photoshop if needed
- Or choose and customize a theme

- Write neat modular code
- Deployment to test environment on regular basis
- Continuous Integration and Deployment


- User Acceptance Testing
- A/B Testing
- Performance Testing

- Bug free website/webapp
- Watch the users pour in
- Pop a bottle of champagne