Your life sucks and what you can do about it

Let me ask you something. Are you proud of who you are? Are you happy and satisfied with where you are currently in life? If you are, then you are either wrong or you have cheap goals. Read on!

Not long ago when I was in college, I was the most socially awkward person of my batch. I wouldn't know how to say hello to a staff member and I would literally have an elevated heart rate if a girl approaches me. Just kidding! I wasn't that awkward but my life wasn't awesome either. To answer my own question, I am still not satisfied with my life. My life sucks! But the good thing is that I now know why my life sucks and what I can do about it.

But I am an engineer now and I am supposed to be proud of it.

[Slow applauds.... and a long pause...] I mean, seriously? Com'on mate! You and I know the whole story. Behind all those "I am an engineer (doctor) now! Yay!" posts on Fb and Instagram, you know how you really felt! Please don't say that's all you've got.

How many opportunities in our whole life have we wasted so far? How much time is lost? How long have you been procrastinating to start taking that course/class you always wanted? How many excuses have you made to not starting to learn that musical instrument? How much valuable time have you wasted lying on your bed and crying over something that didn't happen your way? How many facebook memes have you been sharing over the guy/girl who left you, to be with someone else?

Wake up and stop doing all that dumb shit right now. What are you, 20? 30? 40 years old now? Are you going to waste the remaining 40 to 60 years of your life living like a loser? Is that what your parents want for you? Is that what you want your children to do? Is that what you want for an amazing handsome self like YOURSELF? You are a prince(ss), don't settle for anything less than that in life!

And how are you going to get what you deserve? By STARTING TO TAKE ACTION! In case you aren't sure what you deserve, let me break it to you. You deserve $500k a year. You deserve a Ferrari 458. You deserve whatever it takes to get your parents what they deserve. You deserve a big house and a pretty & faithful wife who will love you like your parents love you.

You may deserve more than that if you believe you do. But, how are you going to get there? For that, I want you to ask yourself another question.

Where will you be in life 36 months from now?

If only you had invested in yourself 3 years ago, would you still be at the same place that you are currently in?

There is this old Chinese proverb that goes like this:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Would you rather wait for the next 3 years just to regret about what you could have done 3 years earlier, or would you take action now? You may have goals in life. Some people may have well-defined goals, while most people might be afraid to come up with their own goals - they are scared, they don't think it might be possible. I am telling you today that if someone from somewhere else in the world can achieve it, you can! All you got to do is start early. Start now!

Setting goals alone isn't enough. Set a timeline for each one of those goals. Picture yourself where you will be in three years from now. Will you still be working that shitty 9 - 6 office job that you don't really enjoy? Will you still allow yourself to be walked all over by other people? Will you still be that insecure person who worries about getting validation from a bunch of people on Facebook and Instagram?

Or, do you want to take control over your life and level-up your status and self-worth? If that means removing negative people from your life, do it. You are alone in reaching your own goal. No one else is gonna climb all the way up to the top with you.

Do you want to reach the top? Do you want to get what you deserve in life? It's completely up to you. It's your life after all!

Here is a quick video that leaves you challenging, before you leave: