Life and its sidekick, Responsibilities

So, it's been close to a year since I wrote my last blog post. But in those last 10 months, life happened to me. I was dearly asked to kill the boy inside me and to become a man, by Mr. Life Maniac.

Well, winter was definitely here and nothing I could do about it. That's when I realized that life is ruder than my 11th standard Maths teacher (trust me, you don't wanna meet her; she's the personification of sadism).

Food, please!

Being a man is a pain in the butt. Can you even imagine the fact that you have to cook food to eat; I mean, can't we just be like Adam and Eve, roaming around the garden (not naked like them, of course), plucking fruits off trees and having a go at them? Back when I was in university, we had to eat from the hostel mess. It was a fully residential university, so "nah dah" to food from home. So me deciding it's not worth the effort to move my lazy ass from my hostel room to the mess and burn around 80 calories each round, I'd ask my loving roomie to get me food (yeah, he was relatively energetic). He was literally feeding me for almost all my years in the university. Thank you my ex-roomie, you will be remembered like the food I eat. Anyway, looking back from now I miss the trial version of life and I hate that I have to pay to continue (hate you Windows!).

Give what belongs to the Ceaser

And the next pain point of being a man and taking up responsibilities is, paying bills and taxes. It makes my heart so weary even when I say it. But you know what? I haven't actually started paying my bills or taxes yet and so let's skip this part.

My TimeTable

You know what I love about Hackathons? There is no time schedule! You can see a class of people coding straight for 24 hours alternatively sipping coffee or gulping down energy drinks and also another group of people flirting with girls they can find and bantering about random stuff that has nothing to do with the coding event they have participated. But I really like that culture, even if it is only for one day. I wish I could incorporate that into my lifestyle. Back in university hostel, I used to be the last person to get out of bed and the bathroom. I would run my back off to reach the classes and I used to lose my morning attendance quite a lot. Regardless of that, I had a decent time schedule. But after graduation, my time schedule became a mess. I started having lunch at 8PM at night and bedtime was shifted to sometime during the sunrise. It was bad. People started thinking that I became lazy and irresponsible. Even though it was the meanest thing I've ever heard about myself in my life, they were right. So as an effort to improve, I've been trying to change that for the past few months even though I am here writing my blog post at 3 AM in the morning drinking Fanta and eating biscuits :

....and more!

This is definitely not all that life has made me wondering about! I am searching for words to try and explain all the cruel things life and responsibilities have done to me. And I'm sure they've got more coming at me too. I think I'll save those for another blog post. Until then, I am gonna finish this orange drink and try and perfect my sleep routine!