Chrome extensions that make me NOT want to switch to other browsers

Several times now, I have tried making permanent switches to other browsers like Firefox and Midori (definitely not IE), but I never was able to live without the sophistication of some of the browser extensions that only Chrome browser family offers. Let me cover about a few of them in this article.

1) Google Dictionary - In-browser dictionary

I am not a native English speaker but let's face it, even if you are one, not everyone is a JK Rowling. Google Dictionary does a simple thing. When you select a word by double clicking on it, you get a precise meaning of the word/phrase in a small bubble right above the word. It does it by extracting the first sentence of a definition from sites like Wikipedia or Merriam-Webster. You can also click on the extension icon and type-in a word to get its meaning.

2) Live HTTP headers

Every now and then you will want to download a video footage that you watch on a site, or want to find what kind of requests are sent by that shady site you visit. Just click on the blue cloud icon on the extension bar and you will be taken to a page where all HTTP requests are logged. You can filter out the request types that you don't want to log.

3) Pushbullet - Share stuff between devices

I use Pushbullet whenever I want to share a webpage that I've been reading from my browser to a friend on WhatsApp in my mobile (You need the app installed in your mobile). It sure has a lot of other uses like showing mobile notifications on my laptop and sending an image taken from my phone to my laptop with just a few taps/clicks. The main idea here is to keep all your devices synchronized, when it comes to sharing stuff. In fact, it is a startup by itself and it has other useful apps worth checking out.

4) - Screenshot your webpage

Gone are the days where you press prt scr on your keyboard, go to paint, paste and save it and upload it in your email. Just install this plugin in your chrome browser and all it requires is a couple of clicks from your mouse to upload it or save locally. You can even select a specific area to screenshot or even snap the whole HTML page irrespective of its length or height.

5) Point - Share URL easily

Now that you have uploaded your screenshot using, you can share it with your friends right from your browser with this extension. No more emailing people or sharing on social media. If you and your friends have this extension in your browsers, just press the @ button if you come across an interesting article you want to share with them. You will get a red bubble of notification in the extension button when any of your friends has shared a URL with you. You can also comment on the shared URL, add more people to the conversation and even annotate passages from the article to "Point" your friends to a particular piece of text/image in a page.

6) JSON formatter

This is a simple plugin that properly indents JSON objects in the browser. You can fold/unfold objects too if you want. Simple, but useful.

7) NotHub - GitHub notifier

This is a GitHub notifier extension for chrome. Just subscribe to a repository by typing in its name by clicking the icon and get notified of a new pull request, branch, issue etc. I can just hope that such an extension comes out for Bitbucket too.

8) Postman - Rest API testing tool

This is an important tool that I use while testing my RESTful web services. The new postman packaged app is pretty cool that has more features than the browser extension. If you develop REST API and you haven't heard about Postman yet, I tip you now. Go check it!

Note that these extensions not only work in Chrome but also in Chromium and other derivatives of Webkit like Vivaldi.

Please feel free to add your two cents in the comments below and let me know what you think of the above mentioned extensions.